ACAmasks: Washable Reusable Masks for children and adults

Hello and welcome. We are a 74-year family-owned small clothing manufacturing business. We’ve switched temporarily to manufacturing face masks.

You can now buy your masks directly from our warehouse. To save on shipping delays, please just stop by.

8944 Mason Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311 . Any time between 10:00 am and 3:15 pm.

Monday through Friday.

If you’d like to donate one or more face masks, just buy this product. We will be finding local hospitals, medical professionals, first respondents, and essential employees in the Los Angeles region to deliver these to. We plan to post pictures of our donations to our social media accounts to keep you updated on where your donations are helping our front line workers stay safe.

Social Media UPDATES:

Made it through another week with those who worked so hard getting to take home a paycheck. We did a mini interview with Columbia Memorial Space Center about the our journey to making masks. The shop and the regular production has been lucky enough to also see cap and gown orders come through for upcoming graduations. Working to combine both worlds, a virtual graduation plan platform for schools and families is in the works as well .Grateful for another week of staying safe, healthy and helping others .

ACAmasks: Washable Reusable Masks for children and adults